img title="1345766948489.jpg" class="alignnone" alt="image" src="" / So apparently cheesecakes rise in the oven. I have no idea how to make that not happen, but they were still very good. My partner invented the recipe a couple days ago. She said she was inspired by my hair -- dark brown at the bottom, but mostly bleached yellow. The crust is a store bought chocolate dish, the cheesecake recipe is from the internet, and there's melted caramel at the bottom. (We made another one with a shortbread crust and caramel sauce. That one came out better.) We also made whipped cream. Baking is fun, but I think I need more practice. Without some hand holding I couldn't have even made these work. I have no idea how to use an electric mixer. The recipe is not perfected. More experiments will come in the future.