Potential male contraceptive

Both the BBC and SciShow reported today on the new developments around male contraception -- it seems there's a solid lead towards developing a pill for people with Y chromosomes.  Or, at least, it works in mice.

The testes of mice taking the drug began to shrink as they produced fewer sperm, which were also less mobile. Some were rendered infertile.

When the animals were no longer taking the drug they were able to have babies.

One of the researchers, Dr James Bradner said: "This compound produces a rapid and reversible decrease in sperm count and motility with profound effects on fertility.

"These findings suggest that a reversible, oral male contraceptive may be possible."

The way these things go, human testing is probably a while off, and if that goes alright (fingers crossed) it'll still be like ten years before the pill is available to the public -- by which point, I probably either won't want it, or be ready for a more permanent intervention.

But it'll be good to know that if I have male children, they might have access to contraceptives that they're relatively more likely to keep up with.