Minecraft 1.3 out today

I'm over 8 hours late on this news, but Jeb tweeted this morning that the new edition of Minecraft, 1.3, came out today.  I can't wait to make sandstone stairs... I'm starting off my first trial game checking out all the new world generation options.  That means I'm turning on cheats, setting it to Large Biomes, and giving myself a bonus chest.  To balance things out so it's remotely fair, I'm also going to set it to Normal difficulty and not use too many cheats.

Day 1: When Jeb says large biomes, he is not kidding.  I'm lost in a jungle, and it's outright terrifying.  Starting with a wooden axe was great, but it's nearly broken, and I've already got myself more hungry than I have food to handle.

Night 1:  I died.  Hunger and fall damage.

I'm looking forward to playing this more, but it's tough on the computer I have access to right now.  I'm looking forward to the LAN part -- I don't have a server with my friends anymore, and I miss playing with other people.