YouTube full name

I just made what feels like a very big decision.  I'm an idiot, so I didn't take screencaps while I was doing it.  But I've just updated my YouTube account to display my full name.  That is, T.X. Watson, the name my Google+ account has listed.  But still, now it's my name that's connected with all my comments. I think that's a good thing, because lately I've been commenting more intelligently and positively -- trying to keep up the standards of web ethics I've internalized over the last couple years of blogging (on this and past blogs).  Here's my first comment with the new name, on SourceFed's latest story, Cyborg Assault at McDonald's (which I'll be blogging about later today).  The question it's a response to is:  " So, if you had a choice to have any part of your body replaced with a cybernetic part of your body, what would it be, and why?"

Arms -- I want a collection of various-purpose arms and hands. cutting edge finger articulation for touch typing, ideally also things like flash drives and secret compartments embedded in the arms, and with replaceable shells for various options on symbolism, style and formality.

T.X. Watson 1 second ago

Now, I'm not going to say that this isn't double-edged.  But I like that Google didn't just start using my Google+ name.  They presented me with a pop-up when I was about to comment, which contained a walkthrough explanation of what will change, and then offered me the choice to make the change or not, with very clearly labeled buttons.  I had to opt in to the change, not hear about it from a news source then dig for the option to opt out, after they already changed it on me.  You know, like facebook did.