ViHart on making art

"Artists don't address themselves to audiences, they create audiences." Books are a kind of magical thing[1. is an incredibly unoriginal claim] that, at their best, have a weird power to change and enrich the world around them.  The right book at the right time, just laying around or on a shelf, can be something like a miracle in a person's life.

It seems like that's what happened in ViHart's latest video, about "They Became What They Beheld," a book by Edmund Snow Carpenter that's been out of print for years, and currently goes on Amazon for over $200.

I'm writing this post mainly because I want it to be easy for me to find this video again, next time I want to watch it.  I want it to be easy to find when I decide to go through and read each page visible in frame (I've already spotted quite a few lines that ViHart edited out for time in her voice over) and I want a reminder that this is a book I'll want to buy, if I'm ever given the opportunity.