Setting a date

I keep saying that I'm going to leave facebook.  I've even prepared a new banner, instructing people on how to find me at other social networks.  But I keep not doing it -- not because I'm using facebook for a whole bunch of stuff, but because I keep not wanting to do the work necessary.  I've got to write a landing post for my blog, I've got to draft a message/messages to all the people I want to keep touch with who I don't expect to see my front page, and I've got to back up all my facebook data. But the new SourceFed video about facebook has made me skin-crawlingly eager to get rid of my page.  Facebook is now running analytics on all of everyone's conversations to search for suspicious activity.

So, I think it's time I set a date.  I will put up the new banner, send the messages, and post the landing page, on July 31, 2012.  I will, subsequently, be shutting down my facebook page properly on August 31, 2012.

I will, however, still be on Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Google+, here at my blog, and available by email at