Former WalMart reborn as massive library

(via Boing Boing) My idea of the perfect town features as a main central location a massive library, with public computers, as many books as the place can handle, and space for people to get together, teach each other, and generally live their lives through an academic window.

It may not be exactly that, but McAllen, Texas has a new library that's certainly big enough.  When the local WalMart moved to a larger location, they took over the warehouse and turned it into a massive public library.

It looks beautiful, and I bet it's a lot more comfortable than my local library.  WalMart has much more consistent motivation than local governments to make people want to stay in their buildings for a long time.

 "In a city like McAllen, with cartel violence across the river (less than 10 miles away from the library), I think it's amazing that the city is devoting resources to a) not only saving a large and conspicuous piece of property from decline and vandalism, but b) diverting those resources into youth and the public trust," [Adriana] Ramirez writes.