Car Troubles

My car broke down. Despite living in a town with a high enough population to justify public transportation, there are no such options -- unless I want to get into Boston, in which case the nearest form of public transportation is a bus that's a twenty minute drive from my house.  I could be angry at the hyper-conservative segment of US politics that resists public transportation because "America ain't Europe, Dammit."

That's the socially conscious reason I'm angry.  I'm also pissed that I have to deal with trying to fix my car even though I have no money, then, compoundly, all the other reasons having no money is stressful, and then, how it might already be difficult to find a job, but I'm definitely not going to find an employer who wants me if I can't get to work.

Right now, I'm drinking a gin and whatever-else-I-could-find-in-the-fridge[1.Margarita mix, maraschino cherries with some of the juice from the bottle, and ice.  It's not great, but it's better than gin and ginger ale.  Oh, and I can't afford to buy tonic.], and I'm about to catch up on some YouTube, because I can't ████ing deal with this ████ right now and it's going to be like two hours before I can do anything about it.  Like, maybe get my car off the side of the road ten miles from here.

I hate having a car.  I hate driving a car.  I hate being forced by the circumstances of my location to drive a car everywhere I want to go, and I hate that I can't just trade in the car to go live in a city, where I'd much rather be, where I can walk to all the basic needs type places, and take public transportation anywhere else I need to go.

Cars suck.  Comments (agreeing or disagreeing) are welcome.