Nessie disproves evolution

I've been hearing about this story all day, so I give up.  I have to say something.  A text book distributed at private schools in the US asserts that the loch ness monster (a.) exists, and (b.) therefore disproves evolution. SourceFed's story on it downplays the WTF element.  And I can respect that -- they work hard to be fair and balanced[1. FOX lol etc.] and they downplay its importance on the basis that it's not every textbook, that it's private schools, and they concede that it's incredibly goofy.

But, seriously.  This isn't just crossing the line.  This is looking back at the line, laughing, then pointing out that it's unconstitutional to expect them to adhere to an interpretation of spacetime that includes measurement, and therefore lines, then getting on a flying motorcycle made of the corpse of the personified line they murdered to get this far.

Private schools should be able to teach whatever they want.  But graduating from those private schools shouldn't subsequently be acknowledged as an education.  Because it obviously isn't.