Facebook's new approach to email

(via Wil Wheaton on Tumblr) I thought about it again today.  I thought about quitting Facebook.

I'm getting closer every time I log on.  Today, it was because I found out that Facebook has removed my email from my page, and replaced it with the email they've decided to give me, connected to my Facebook account.  They did it without telling anybody.  They did it without asking.

I accept that it's a small thing, but it's one of the hundreds of small things that Facebook does wrong.

LifeHacker explains how to get your own email back:

  1. Click "About" on your profile and scroll down to your email address. Click "Edit" to change them.
  2. Click on the circle next to your Facebook email address and change its setting to "Hidden From Timeline".
  3. Click on the circle next to your other email addresses and change their settings to "Shown On Timeline".
  4. Click the Save button at the bottom of the Edit popup (Don't forget this step).


That's all it takes. It's a really quick fix, but it was a big jerk move for Facebook to do this without asking permission, or even telling you that it happened. Spread this info around so people don't get stuck without any contact information, too, lest we lose the one aspect of Facebook that was still useful.

I didn't quit today because when I logged on, there was a message from my girlfriend.  That was enough of a heartstring-tug to stop me from deactivating my profile right now.  But I don't feel good about it, and I don't think I'll be sticking around on Facebook much longer.