YouTube read my letter!

(via hankschannel)

YouTube's Google+ style site redesign

A Two-Part Open Letter

Okay, well probably not.  It's not terribly likely that YouTube released a trial version of their upcoming site redesign because I complained about spiders.  But it remains true that YouTube's new site design does offer the features I hoped for:

It should be possible to hide a video from your results.  I would like to be able to click a little X somewhere on the thumbnail or text, or even by some more complicated option, alter the algorithms that produce lists of videos anywhere on the site so that they exclude particular videos.

I can't tell yet whether it hides the videos I remove from everywhere on the site -- and, if it doesn't, that wouldn't mean it doesn't in the official release of the redesign.  But YouTube's upcoming new homepage has a bunch of great features.

First of all, the thumbnail sizes are more reasonable.  As Hank pointed out in his video, the recommended video thumbnails used to be bigger than the thumbnails in your subscription bar.  It also grays out and labels videos you've already watched, making the process of catching up a lot easier -- I can just scroll through and find the vivid pictures.

You can activate the redesign by following the instructions on this page.