More on Google warnings; IE vulnerability

(via PC World) Previous context So, I've heard good things about the new release of Internet Explorer, which challenges my preconceived biases against the browser.  But, good news!  The current manifestation of the program has a vulnerability in it that makes it much easier to continue to be snarky.

The security warnings that some Gmail users have been getting, warning them that their accounts may be under attack by a state-sponsored organization, are apparently being triggered -- at least in part -- by a vulnerability in Internet Explorer that can be triggered on certain websites, but only through that browser.

In order for a hacker to exploit the vulnerability, an IE user needs to land on an infected webpage. To steer traffic to such pages, cybercriminals will typically use phishing e-mails or instant messages containing links to the infected locations.

Until Microsoft patches the vulnerability, the company is offering a temporary solution that can be downloaded from its Technet website.

According to cybersecurity software maker Trend Micro, the vulnerability has prompted Google to issue warnings to some of its Gmail users. "Google is flagging attempts to exploit this vulnerability by noting 'Warning: We believe state-sponsored attackers may be attempting to compromise your account or computer,'" it said in an e-mail to PCWorld.

"Reports show that this vulnerability has been used to compromise Gmail accounts," it added.

Microsoft plans to patch the problem soon, but if you use IE and don't have Gmail, you might want to be careful on the internet in the near future.

Or, you know, switch to Chrome.