Fox complains about absence of Google doodle

So I guess today is Flag Day.  It's not a federal holiday -- Pennsylvania is the only state to celebrate it as a state holiday.  It's basically not important. Wikipedia lists a bunch of country's flag days as being synonymous with their independence days.  That seems pretty reasonable.  And Google does a doodle for every American Independence Day.

Not good enough for Fox, though.  They actually ran an article called Google Ignores Flag Day, while rival Microsoft celebrates.  Turns out, Bing put up a flag background to appeal to their primary customer base, people who can't figure out how to change the search settings on Internet Explorer.

This kind of crap doesn't belong on a major news site.  As of right now, it's their top story in Tech.  It serves no purpose other than to inflame nationalistic indignation, and that's not the role of a journalistic publication.

I mean, I wouldn't accuse Fox of being a journalistic publication, but they do pretend to be one, and a lot of people aren't in on the joke.