I probably should have mentioned this earlier (pre-registration ends this Friday) but I'm going to Readercon this summer! I've been once before, last year -- Readercon is a convention for sci fi/fantasy writers, or genre writers more generally. I had an awesome time.  It was a blast.  The panels are pretty much universally (insofar as I attended them) incredibly informative, engaging, and fun.

Some of my favorite stuff from last year was finding out about and going to panels involving Caitlin Kiernan, who is one of the guests of honor this year, learning about Speculative Poetry (via a panel run by Mike Allen) and, on the very last day, stumbling in on a panel about Bordertown, which lead to buying a book that has become one of my favorite purchases, ever.  (I shall be reviewing that, one of these days.)

I look forward to writing about my experiences at the convention, the Monday after the convention weekend.  (There might be a bit of a content dump that week.)