Kickstarter on Growth

(Via Neil Gaiman's Tumblr) You know what's awesome?  Statistical analysis.  You know what else is awesome?  Kickstarter.  And, apparently, when those two things come together, a beautiful thing happens:  We find out that Kickstarter is even more awesome than people think.

A lot of people believe that the more Kickstarters there are, the harder it will be to get one off the ground.  Hell, there was an xkcd strip about it.  But according to Kickstarter's blog, that's not the case.

As we've grown, we've heard people worry that it will be harder and harder to fund projects as the total number of projects grows. They wonder: Do more projects mean greater competition for the same dollars? 

And when there's a blockbuster project, they ask: Are these projects stealing backers from other worthy projects?

For both questions, the opposite actually appears to be true. Projects aren't fighting over a finite pool of Kickstarter dollars or backers. One project's backer isn't another project's loss. The backers that one project brings often end up backing other projects as well. Each project is not only promoting itself, but the Kickstarter ecosystem as a whole.

The very cool charts in their blog post detail the way that big projects result in huge overflows of backers into other cool projects in the same area.  The video game example of Double Fine, especially, showed a huge positive-sum impact on the community with a successful, large project.