A Two-Part Open Letter

Part 1. Dear SourceFed

I recognize that you do stories on whatever's important, that you think your viewers want/need to hear about. I'm glad for that. It's important, and I think you're a valuable news source.

I also understand that it's valuable and productive to use thumbnails which concisely visually express the content of the video they're attached to.

But please, I appeal to your decency as human beings, please, stop using huge pictures of spiders in your thumbnails.

Arachnophobia is common. It's one of the most common phobias.  I accept that it's reasonable to want to encourage arachnophobic people to overcome their fears, but  I would argue that YouTube thumbnails are not the ideal context to deal with this problem.

Part 2.  Dear YouTube

I know you're not Facebook.  I'm glad you're not Facebook.  But there's one thing about Facebook's functionality I wish you'd adopt.

It should be possible to hide a video from your results.  I would like to be able to click a little X somewhere on the thumbnail or text, or even by some more complicated option, alter the algorithms that produce lists of videos anywhere on the site so that they exclude particular videos.

If I had this capacity, I could evade the problem of terrifying thumbnails like spiders in SourceFed videos, which don't just show up in my Subscription feed, but also in the related videos on the side of every SourceFed story that day, in the video player itself after the video ends, and, often, in the "More from subscriptions" box in the handful of videos that came out shortly after the video with the offending thumbnail.


Thank you both for your time,

T.X. Watson