June Charity Debt: The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

I've finally set up a page for my charity debt, so it's easy to reference, and even more obvious if I fail to post a monthly charity, and how long it's been since I paid any off.  (So far, none.  I'm still broke.) On that topic, this month's charity pick is the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF).  A funny thing about censorship attempts is that they seem to work (in my entirely-unsupported-by-science-or-surveys estimation) much better on art forms that haven't been around as long, or aren't as respected.

That puts comics near the bottom of the heap.

The other major problem with censorship is that it's intrinsically normative, preventing the aforementioned under-respected art forms from reaching for more adventurous, controversial, or fringe work that's the stuff that gets your art form or genre respected.

It is therefore, in my estimation, more than usually imperative to protect comics from attacks on free speech.  Also, I just like the CBLDF, and I've wanted to give them money for a while now.

Here's a donation link for them.  They've got a convenient $5 minimum, which is good because that's what I intend to commit to.