Incredible motion tracking to be less than $100

Leap Motion, a San Franciso company, has developed a motion detection program that's way ahead of anything on the market today.  It's 200 times more sensitive than existing software, and CNET's article about it lists a bunch of cool uses. By far the coolest aspects I see, though, are these:

  • Letting engineers interact with a 3D model of clay
  • Precision drawing in either two- or three-dimensions

It sounds amazing.  The program is supposed to be released early next year, and should cost less than $70.  This program, coupled with a 3D printer (which, granted, is not $70 at the moment), could open up incredible new avenues for 3D art.  

CADD programs may already be able to do that sort of thing, but the ability to physically sculpt, with your hands, changes the equation.  Gestures rather than selections and deliberate inputs, especially in a 3D space, offer room for much more organic styles, creating art with potential to be far more beautiful, or grotesque, than 3D art generally is -- and it would offer this outlet to a lot more people.

Here's the video from the CNET article.  I'm looking forward to hearing more about this technology.