Google Chrome: World's Top Browser

Digital Trends reports that Google Chrome, the browser of everyone who wants a good one and doesn't want to think too hard about it, has just edged out Internet Explorer, the browser for people who don't know how to change their browser, as most-used worldwide. IE is still the leading browser in the United States, though, which I imagine in a slightly condescending tone of voice in my head.

Digital Trends:

Of course, the Statcounter numbers are only one estimate. And others give IE a far more substantial lead. According to NetMarketShare, for example, IE held on to a whopping 54 percent of the market, as of April. And Chrome actually comes in third with 18.85 percent, compared to 20.20 percent held by Firefox in NetMarketShare’s study. That said, StatCounter’s numbers are a trusted metric in the industry, and are far more recent than NetMarketShare’s latest count.

As ZDNet reported, Chrome actually passed IE for one day (March 18) before falling back to second place. So there is, of course, a chance that Microsoft can regain its top position with IE 9. That said, Chrome’s upward assent appears imminent, so we expect to see the gap widen to a more substantial (and trustworthy) margin in the weeks and months to come.