Minecraft: SkyGrid Journal 3

I played some more SkyGrid today, because I had two hours to blog and I have no sense of personal responsibility, so here is the picture tour of today's attempts to survive the death grid of blocks everywhere.

This is my stuff as I left it last time I logged out.  I forgot to take a picture, but I got an enchanting table, and a tree farm with a single tree.  The enchanting table is useless.  I hope it'll all go better when I have passive mobs to kill.

I didn't mean to build my base in a snow biome.  It was a while before I noticed, because it hadn't snowed, so I had no idea why my water kept freezing.  (I'm kind of dumb sometimes.)

I'm building a roof above my portal in the nether, because there's a lot more lava here and I want my portal to not be covered in it.

I spent some time trying to get this chicken spawner to work.  I built my base on top of this spawner, because it seemed like a good way to get food and feathers.  As it turns out, I have no idea to make passive mob spawners function.

This is the project I worked on for most of the time I was playing.  It's surprisingly difficult to do, actually, but I want to build a new base up at the top of the map,l where there's no chance of random lava pouring down all over my stuff.