Minecraft: SkyGrid Journal 2

SkyGrid is so much better when you have a cobblestone generator and a bed. Today's Minecraft play started with me trying to build a sandcastle in a Creative game, because I'm working on a longer post that involves an extended metaphor about sand structures.

It's that pile near the river.  SkyGrid stuff below the fold.

It's great having a chest now, for reasons I think should be obvious.  My recommendation for SkyGrid players:  First chest you find, take the chest with you.  (Yes, I did forget that it's possible to build a chest. I totally had enough wood.)

What I did for most of today's play was find lava sourceblocks and drop them in that stream of water to make a portal.  The waterfall is an awesome feature, by the way.  It's how I get back up to the base every time.

Got to the nether.  I knew that it was going to be SkyGrid style, but as I understand it the End is not organized this way.  So, that's my goal:  Get to the End, make a home that is remotely safe.  I am aware of the irony.

It didn't last long, though.  I died almost immediately upon trying to move around in the nether.  It's probably a good thing, too -- I barely brought any supplies, and I really need to build a roof over my portal, in case some lava decides to register as a fluid block.