Bloody long weekend

[warning]This post is about my personal life.  Read at risk of your own boredom.[/warning] Oh god, taking a weekend off from blogging is torture!  It's hard to tell how much you'll miss it until you don't do it for two days.  Or maybe it's just me.  But this is the thing I like best about my days, and I've been looking forward all weekend to pass the midnight mark and be able to start writing.

I played a lot of Minecraft this weekend, and had to make a hard decision about whether I should post my progress on weekend gaming.  Ultimately I decided that, since weekends are time off, gaming is free and in peace.  I made some cool stuff, though, in my Creative world, and did a bunch more iron mining in SMP.

I also downloaded SethBling's SkyGrid, and failed miserably at that a few times.  It loaded weird one time.  Here's a pic.

I also stressed out about finals a lot this weekend, and did some catching up on Ze Frank's "The Show," his 2006 series that's recently reincarnated as "A Show."

I need something more productive to do on weekends, that's optional so I can still have weekends off.