A brief note on why research papers suck

I don't like doing research papers for school.  A big part of it is that it's a huge pain to get access to academic research materials, which seem to be written deliberately to be incomprehensible. But the thing I really hate about research papers is citations.

Citations, man.  Why do they exist?

We have the internet.  Not only do we have the internet, but it wasinvented for academics.  I don't know why hyperlinked citations aren't the standard for citations now.  It's been like twenty years.  For example, look at that hyperlink.  Right there.  It linked to the exact point in that talk where the speaker addresses my claim.

MLA, APA, any other associated standard for citation, it's all pointless.  We should just have digital editions of our papers, and all the citations should be embedded hyperlinks.

That is all.