QC author Jeph Jacques contemplates the possibility of a webcomic video game

Those among my readers who know me personally may know that (a.) one of my favorite forms of entertainment is webcomics, and (b.) one of my favorite webcomics is Questionable Content.  What my readers may not know is that Questionable Content author Jeph Jacques has, in his own words, "had an idea."  (Emphasis mine.) From the news post for May 2nd, 2012:

Today, I had an idea. An idea for a video game. A video game about WEBCOMICS.

I passed this idea around to a number of my colleagues, and they were very interested! It then began to dawn on me that this was possibly something I could actually make happen.

But obviously I don't know anything about actually making video games, so I would have to talk to a developer about it. And while I'm sure there is nothing video game developers hate more than a Normal Person Who Thinks They Have A Great Idea For A Game, I am pretty sure this idea has legs, both in terms of potential audience and potential funding.

I would like it formally entered into the record of Things Said On The Internet that I, T.X. Watson, would fund that Kickstarter.

More updates if/when they emerge.