Minecraft Gameplay Tour: May 3rd

Since there's nothing I'm supposed to be doing tonight, I decided to kill some time playing Minecraft while watching the new episode of Crash Course: World History twice. I know I'm not finished with the tour of my game world, but I wanted to get some regular gameplay time in, so I decided to go caving for some iron.  Adventures below the fold.

The first thing to do was drop off my inventory and get some real equipment.  So I had to head out across the sky bridge.  I promise I will explain that floating island that's sort of visible in the background later.

This is my current base of operations, which will be the focus of my next tour.  It's a tower that extends down to a stronghold deep under the surface.

This is a room in the stronghold where I left a bunch of stuff.  I'll explain later.

After that, I went to find a cave.  There was a lake that had more ice than water, extending over an exposed cave.  It looked interesting, and there was visible iron, so I decided to start there.  You can see in the background where there's a service ladder up to a turn in the sky bridge.

I was trying to get down this cliff, using ladders.  Ladders are super-useful.  Always go caving with ladders.  But when I was about to start building, I turned, and saw a creeper.

There was a ceiling there.  On the other hand, this armor rocks.

I'm afraid I failed to take any good pictures for the rest of the time I was caving, but let me tell you, it was exciting.  There were skeletons, and some really cool fights, and I even found a dungeon.  (I'm a terrible photojournalist.)

Finally got a picture of the front of Sad Creeper Tower, though.  You can see the whole Creeper face on the water floor, too.

And here are the spoils of my adventure.  Is it just me, or do zombies drop a lot of helmets these days?