We went to the carnival: Fiesta Shows in Derry, NH

Since I don't have anything important or urgent I'm supposed to be doing this week, Caitlin and I decided tonight was a good night to go to the carnival that opened up near us.  Both of us were looking forward to it -- Caitlin likes the rides, and I like carnival food, and the general idea of carnivals.

Picture tour of the experience below the fold.

Entering the place was a weird experience.  It was obviously open, there were people manning stands just inside, calling out to customers wandering around.  The lights were on.  The rides were moving.  But the entryway was abandoned.

It was half-blocked by what looked like a bike rack, which had a trash bag hanging off the side.  There were booths, where there should have been someone, selling admission.  But either the posts were abandoned, or Fiesta Shows doesn't think people are likely to come inside if they have to pay for it.

It was cold, and dark.  It seems like carnivals should be warm, with all the bright lights and food cooking, but those little bubbles of hot air from the stands don't penetrate far into the wet cold.

Caitlin wanted to ride that big thing sticking up in the air in the background.  But I was iffy about it, because the sign said to leave all your valuables outside the ride, and besides, it looked scary.  I offered to watch her stuff, but she didn't want to go up alone.  Apart from that, it was 5 tickets a person, and tickets were $21 for 20.

There were a number of dark alleyway-like paths to wander around.  That guy in the brown sweater walked in front of the shot of a middle-aged man sitting sort-of menacingly in the darkest part of the path.

The bright parts weren't better, though.  Every stand had people barking out offers to play, and they were mostly sort of threatening or sexist.  More than one of them suggested I try and win Caitlin a prize, to "Make her happy."

About half of the food stands were unoccupied.  This was true of the rides, as well.  I was concerned that I was going to need tickets to buy anything, but food was available for cash.  Behind this stand, you can see another big stretch of darkness where a petting zoo hid in the shadows.

We were disappointed to discover that the funnel cake they promised on their website was a lie.

The fried dough was good, though.  We ate it on metal benches that smelled like goats.

EDIT 5/3/2012 12:38AM: The method by which I originally uploaded the pictures was apparently flawed, and resulted in all of them being broken.  At this time, I've also added a break to the start of the post, so the picture tour will appear below a "More" link. And in a point of personal commentary, I'm a terrible photojournalist.