Pakistani civil rights group wins case over internet censorship

(via Slashdot) I'm going to quote the same chunk of the Reporters Without Borders article that everyone else is quoting:

The high court’s ruling, if respected, would make it impossible for the government to introduce any nationwide website filtering system.

While welcoming the ruling, which penalizes the lack of transparency in the PTA’s past website blocking, Reporters Without Borders calls for vigilance because the PTA could try to circumvent it by devising a constitutional procedure based on the anti-blasphemy law and national security provisions.

The concern that Reporters Without Borders seems to have is that the Pakistani government will ignore the ruling on internet censorhship for religious reasons.  I have no reason to doubt the validity of that concern.  But I wonder if it's not more likely that the ruling won't be upheld due to international pressures from countries like the US and UK who are pushing for censorship-heavy bills like CISPA.

Still, if it's upheld, this is a very cool international event.