Scientific proof: Tasers kill

(via Philip DeFranco) I got a link from Philp DeFranco that led to a news story on which cited the New York Times called "Tasers Pose Risks to Heart, a Study Warns".

The article, Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Death Associated with Application of Shocks from a TASER Electronic Control Device, was published online in the journal Circulation, and the abstract explains:

Eight cases of TASER X26 ECD-induced loss of consciousness were studied. [...] This report offers evidence regarding the mechanism by which an ECD can produce [reactions] leading to cardiac arrest.

(I've tried my best to make it parseable without obscuring the general meaning.  The original text is linked above and here.)

TASERs are generally treated by law enforcement as the standard for safe, reasonable option for dealing with civilians who seem like they might be dangerous, but who haven't presented any real cause to worry.  And while I understand that police are in a stressful position, it's just not reasonable to expect everyone to have uniform reactions to a police officer.  It therefore isn't reasonable to treat any potentially threatening action as worthy of potentially lethal force.

TASERs are potentially lethal force.  That's beyond doubt.  And personally, I don't think it's reasonable to use them as a go-to tool of law enforcement.