My Minecraft Tour: The Nether

Yesterday I started posting a tour of my friends' and my Minecraft server.  I covered my buildings in our initial setting.  Today, I'm going to show the nether. Picture tour below the fold.

I've started from a recognizable point from the last tour.  From the enchanting room, you can get out by climbing down a tree off the side.

I took another picture here because it's a good view of my garden, and I figured it was a good place to point out where I get most of my food.  Although, lately, I get most of my food either from the watermelons in my stronghold build, the zombie flesh from one of my grinders, or by killing animals wandering around.

Off the cliff past the garden, there's a ladder that leads down to the nether portal.  I made it with a mold as soon as I hit lava, so we had a portal to the nether before I'd even finished the grinder above.  It was a while longer, though, before I actually built anything in it.

Construction within the nether was a group project.  Three of us cobbled together enclosed pathways from the portal into a safe space while fending off the attacks of ghasts and accidentally agitated pigmen.

And this is that enclosure.  As you can see, in the nether we build more for practicality than aesthetics.

Here's the outside.  Great thing about the nether: Zombie Pigmen, unlike Zombies, don't attack your wooden doors.

Behind the stone shed that is our nether home, there are a series of cobblestone obelisks that lead to the only nether stronghold we've found so far.

Nether strongholds are kind of ugly, aren't they?

There were two blaze spawners, but we destroyed one of them.  This one I converted into a blaze farm, based on the design posted by itaest on /r/minecraft.

The only other thing I've built in the nether is this portal, which is positioned on a lake of fire directly corresponding to the location of the End portal I found.  The resulting nether portal on the other side is, eh, pretty close.