I made a stamp!

One of the best people on the internet, Ze Frank, used to have a series of vlogs.  It was called "The Show."  I didn't watch "The Show" -- it was before my time.

But Ze Frank recently came back, after raising thousands of dollars in a Kickstarter campaign to finance his new show, "A Show."  Needless to say, the internet is aflutter with excitement.

One of the things that "The Show" was known for was its interactive community projects.  "A Show" is no different, and one of the first assignments Ze gave out was to create a Finishing Stamp.  Here's the video in which he gave the assignment:

I'm looking forward to being assigned.  I'm hoping for LDG.

This is my stamp, in the picture I sent Ze:

I used the special material you can get at a craft store that Ze mentioned in the video, and it was quite rewarding.  I liked it better than I imagine myself liking carving an eraser.

After going through several design ideas, I went with an icon-style person in a panel with a word bubble because I wanted to convey that narrative is important to me, but that I think different kinds of narrative should overlap and interact.  To me, comics are a great example of the interaction between different kinds of storytelling.  It was also important to me to make sure that something (it ended up being the word bubble) broke outside of the panel, because I wanted to represent the idea of breaking out of the implied restrictions of your form, when it'll help your story.

I had old symbols I could have used, but I'm glad I came up with something new.  It was fun, and I enjoyed exploring new ideas in a new symbolic structure.