Facebook's new timeline feature

Facebook Timeline has, apparently, had an option to add Life Events.  I know this because, today, SourceFed featured the new event you can add:  Organ Donor. Questions of how much privacy a person should have aside, I think this is a good thing.  Facebook has a long history of using its available settings to pressure people into certain kinds of lifestyle choices.  I believe Eli Pariser in the Filter Bubble called it the Tyranny of the Default.  (I'm not certain because I lent that book out, and so can't reference it.  It's a good book, though.  You should read it.)

The pressure Facebook creates in this case, though, nudges people in the direction of becoming organ donors, and I think that's an excellent idea.  Free choice aside, most people's life decisions are made by the societal pressures around them, and since Facebook obviously isn't interested in trying to be neutral in that pressure, it's nice to see them nudging at least sometimes towards good.