Stuff I Like: SourceFed

I realized I've been linking them a lot lately, and will probably continue to do so because they're one of my favorite news sources lately.  So I've decided to blog about SourceFed! SourceFed is a YouTube news channel that publishes 5 video stories a day every (I think) weekday.  (I don't keep terribly close track of what days things happen.)  It's hosted (usually) by Joe Bereta, Lee Newton, and Elliot Morgan.

This is a link to their channel.  I recommend subscribing.

They report on cool things like Dinosaurs, Space Mining, Vacuum Travel and Bribery!  That last one isn't cool.  But it is newsworthy, and that's what I love about SourceFed.  It's goofy and glib, but it's a solid news source.  And I love good internet news sources.  (Meatspace news sucks.)

SourceFed was created by Philip DeFranco, a vlogger who sort of evolved into a news show.  Here's his channel.  I like him, but I'm a bit squicked out by the frequency with which he promotes and validates unqualified objectification of women.

So, I highly recommend SourceFed, and offer as a sample this video, about a website that's offering $1 million to anyone who can prove they've slept with Tim Tebow: