My Minecraft Tour: Capitol Settlement

I play on a whitelisted Minecraft server with a few of my friends, and I'm pretty sure I'm the one who spends the most time on it.  As it's one of my new blogging requirements that whenever I play Minecraft I have to publish and explain at least one screenshot, I thought I ought to give a tour of my stuff, for context.  And since I've built quite a lot of stuff, the tour will be in a series of installments. Today's tour is of the area I just now termed the Capitol settlement, because it's where most of us set up when we first started the server.

Picture tour below the fold.

This little shed was my first house on the server.  There are a few deeper rooms below it, leading down to a staircase which reaches my first branch mine.  I haven't shown any of the branch mines, because I figured that would be excessively boring.

This, my first project on the server, is directly on top of the house above.  It's a mob grinder based on Etho's design from his LP series.  It's eleven stories tall, and uses lava blades to burn the mobs to death in the small cobblestone boxes under the stacks.  Streams of water then bring the drops down where they land in the middle of my front room.

We do not want for gunpowder, bones, arrows or zombie flesh.

This is Sad Creeper Tower, my base in this region of the map.  It originally started as a storage shed for all my extra stuff.  Then I kept building on top of it.

This is the aforementioned storage shed room.  The railroad leads down into the aforementioned branch mine in the basement.

This is my brewery, which is the next floor up from the storage room.

This is my enchanting room.  It used to be in a field, and the front entrance to Sad Creeper Tower (which I forgot to take a picture of) leads up to here.  I wanted to make sure my friends had access to the enchanting table.  The levers raise (in two separate sections) blocks of sand that adjust the levels of enchantments.  I go the idea from this post by SpaceMonkeysJTV on the Minecraft subreddit, though it's not actually the same design because I just remembered the idea, not the design itself, when I went to build it.

This is my furnace room.  There's also a ladder behind me in this picture -- you need to use the ladder to progress, the floor that the stairs leads to is a dead-end.

I got this design, too, from Reddit, but I can't find the post I got it from.  It's where I store my lava source blocks, using nether fence to hold them in while keeping them accessible by bucket.

This is what's above the concealed ladder in the furnace room.  I feel this room's purpose is self-explanitory.

This is my bedroom in Sad Creeper Tower.  It's just under the cloud layer, and apart from my bed there's nothing particularly interesting in it.

This is just above my bedroom, and is a special room with holes in the sides, to let the clouds through.  And also so they wouldn't be floating through any rooms that have a use.

This is the porch, where wooden paths above the cloud layer lead to various other areas on the map.  The one I'm looking at now leads to one of my friends's tower.

I will either tour the nether or the stronghold tower next.  I haven't decided.