CISPA passed in the House of Representatives

[important]This post requests a small gesture of action to help keep the internet safe for civilians.  Please do it.[/important] SourceFed's first story today was about the fact that CISPA, the bill I was iffy about before now and have become even more concerned about, has passed in the House of Representatives.  Here's a video embed of the issues with that:

Like Dino-Elliot says, the issue is that this bill is vague, and so could get anyone arrested for anything, and there's no legal avenue of recourse if a company shares your information without a good justification.

I've said before that we do, definitely, need cyber-security legislation.  The internet is too big and too important to go unlegislated.  But it's a serous error to assume that because we need something means we should take whatever they hand us.  We need to demand that the legislation we get is going to help keep us safe, not make us more vulnerable.

Here's a link to sign a petition asking President Obama to veto the bill in its current state. Please, go and sign it.  It takes barely any time, and if nothing else will at least make you feel like you did something.