New Rules

This is the final day of the current format of my blog.  I will be taking tomorrow off to restructure.  Thereafter, I will be taking weekends off.

Rule 1.

I will write at least 1000 words of material for this blog daily, Monday through Friday. (This will probably be in multiple posts, though might occasionally be one big post.)  For now, I'll try not to write more than that, to avoid burnout.

Rule 2.

I will not blog on weekends. If I have a really cool idea or something, I'll write it down and write the whole post later.

Rule 3.  

I will review every book I read.

Rule 4.

Every time I play Minecraft, I will post at least 1 screencap of whatever I was doing, and blog about what's going on.

Rule 5.

I will (try to) start using tags, and I will (try to) neaten up the categories.

I'm also going to try to come up with more regular segments, like Srs  Bsns blogging and Philosophy through Film, but for the time being both of those segments themselves are probably going to be discontinued.  (The Philosophy class is over, and I haven't felt like Srs Bsns blogging is doing quite what I want it to for my blogging habits.)

The Ulysses blog likely won't be linked from here, and doesn't count towards my daily word count.  The Worldwide blog also doesn't count, but if/when I post there (I feel quite guilty about this, but I've barely updated it) I'll link those posts and excerpt them, and I do intend for that to count.