I'm relegating the worldwide blogging to a sub-blog

Previous post here I can't keep doing this here.  The volume of information I need to put into these posts, as well as the demand of sensitivity and comprehensibility (a demand being made by no one but myself) pushes this just beyond the amount of effort I can handle putting in once a week as a main blog entry.

So, as part of my effort to keep whittling out the less quality posts on this blog, and make it something more readable, I'm transferring my exploration of world history to a new sub-blog:  T.X. Watson's World History Exploration.  That title may not be a totally accurate description of its contents.  But, then, I suspect its contents will end up being at least a little inaccurate, too -- I imagine it's hard to learn the history of the world from scratch without getting a few things wrong.

I'll do my best to keep that site organized, but it may devolve into just as much a muddled heap as this blog is at times.

I haven't yet decided on an update schedule for that blog, but it'll be more than once a week, less than here, and the posts will probably mostly be pretty lightweight.

Best wishes.