Canada got rid of their penny

CGPGrey has already done a great video about this, so I'm not going to try to put it together as a news story.  Here's his video:

I am in favor of this, and hope it happens in America.  But I honestly don't think it's very likely, because every time I bring the issue up with people not already familiar with it, I get the same, boring, paranoid response:  it'll cause prices to go up.

Maybe that was the case in Canada.  Maybe there are a lot of paranoid Canadians freaking out about the government stealing their money... in the future... for other people.

But in America, it seems like a lot of people hold the private belief that they are secretly economists.  (I've noticed a lot of Americans seem to also believe they're doctors, comedians, singers, carpenters and foreign policy experts.)

I think that if America hasn't gotten rid of their penny by the time I'm ready to have kids, I'll try to move and raise them somewhere that has.