So, I didn't get around to researching Spectrum Crunch today.

Today was, all around, a pretty unproductive day, actually.  (Lots of commas in that sentence.)  I overslept till like 3pm, played Minecraft for a while (I'm building a bridge out of Jack o' lanterns) then switched over to Neopets.

While I think that these activities largely constitute a waste of time, there's also something very meditative about the minigames on Neopets.  There's one where you dodge ice cream for as long as you can, and I find when I'm playing it I get into a very slow breathing pattern and clear all my thoughts away.

Which leads me to wonder if it's possible that there's something psychologically transcendent about video game culture, especially with minigame-style puzzle games.  Tetris, Snake, all those old, simple games where it's just about focusing on getting better and better at a single, repetitive but still complex and challenging action.

I'll have the Spectrum Crunch article tomorrow, I promise.

Best wishes.