Old Who

Taking a rather long break from working on one of my midterms earlier, I watched an episode of the old series of Doctor Who.  Or, not an episode.  A storyline, which spanned 3 episodes. The one I watched was The Happiness Patrol, about a dictatorial planet where you can be arrested and executed for being unhappy.  It's one of the very well known episodes which gets referenced a lot, though I couldn't actually determine whether it was the first major media piece to use that premise.  I know I've seen it quite a few times since.

I've been sort of slowly and haphazardly working my way through the old episodes of Doctor Who, less influenced by any sort of order than by curiosity about particular parts.  I watched the first episode, then I watched some Tom Baker stuff, then I watched the episodes with the Valeyard, and now, apparently, I'm curious about Sylvester McCoy.  (I tried to watch the movie, but it was so 90's-style cheesy I had to put it off for another time.)

With relatively little experience in them, I've yet to find an episode of the old Doctor Who that moves me to tears the way a lot of new Who does.  Maybe it's the difference in media quality compared to my expectations, or the difference in time meaning that the episodes speak to different cultural issues.

Still, I love seeing the way the series builds its continuity across the decades it's been running.

I will report more on this topic in the future.