So yeah

Do you ever realize that it's one of those nights where it's 5 minutes to midnight, and you haven't blogged yet? I do, sometimes.  Right now is a good example.

Andsobut I jumped onto my blog and started typing, when I realized that I'm faced with an ethical dilemma -- I haven't set the blog's clock forward yet.  It still thinks it's almost 11, not almost midnight.  So, what do I do?  Do I take my time with it, knowing I've got an extra fudging hour?  Or do I rush a post to keep to the spirit of my comittments?

After all, I mean, the bet ended yesterday.  (I lost.  Didn't lose the weight.  But he lost too, so I don't have to pay!  Yet.  We'll see how the next round goes.)  So it's not like there's anything to lose if I don't post.

But I just don't want to see that little black number staring at me on the calendar, every time I scroll back to March.  Because I want to keep this up.  It's important to me.  It makes me feel better about myself and my life and makes me feel motivated to keep trying because hey at least I haven't fucked this up.

But the clock is ticking down and I don't know what to do and oh god I haven't stopped typing since I typed the title "Oh yeah" I mean I've only backspaced to correct spelling errors and the third paragraph starts with the word "Andsobut" and oh god oh god oh god I forget where I was going with this

I'm going to hit publish and fix the clock and tty tomorrow have a good night DFTBA