Why I really, really love Doctor Who

It's not the middle of a season.  I haven't even been watching Doctor Who lately.  I'm just listening to a Chameleon Circuit song.  But it suddenly hit me, the way it suddenly hits me every couple months, why I love Doctor Who. And I don't mean why I like it.  This isn't "Oh, it's a great show."  This isn't "I love the community" or "The show makes me cry," even though all those things are true.

But occasionally, even if I'm not watching it, even if I haven't seen an episode in months, I find myself wishing the Doctor would drop into my life, to shake things up, to pick me as a companion, not because I want to see the universe (though I'd love to) or even that I want to meet the Doctor (though I totally do), but because of what he does to people.

The way the Doctor makes people see themselves in the best possible light, makes them believe they can be whatever they want and do whatever they want, makes people believe in themselves, the way guidance counselors always say you should. I want someone to drop into my life and make me believe that I can change the world, that I can really help, that I can make the world a genuinely better place.

And the next thought that generally follows is, damn, the Doctor isn't real, that's never going to happen for me.

Except that just thinking that reminds me that I am capable of feeling that way.  It makes me feel an incredible rush of motivation to make the best of the life I've got.  More than anything else, Doctor Who makes me want to really live my life, to help people and to be there for humanity.

In a way, just watching the show is being a companion, in the way that really matters.  In the sense that it makes you see yourself in that best possible light.

That's what I love about Doctor Who.  There's plenty else I like about it, but what I love about it is that, I truly believe, it makes me a better person in watching it.