This is getting to be a bad habit

I don't have a philosophy though film post for tonight.  Memento is a difficult movie, and I'm finding I'm having a lot more trouble coming up with something worthwhile to say about the movies that I do think have philosophical depth, rather than the ones I think represent fundamental bigotries or systematic slanders. On the downside, that means today is going to be a boring post.  This is in large part due to the fact that I spent most of today playing Minecraft, followed by a significant period of mourning my hardcore game by watching The Daily Show.  (I got killed by Zombie Pigmen trying to set up a blaze farm. Eff the nether.)

On the bright side (for people interested in decent content on this blog, not so much for my time-budgeting) that means tomorrow, there will be two significant posts: the Memento Philosophy through Film post, and my most recent status update on my thoughts about Joseph Kony, Invisible Children, and Africa in general -- in which I think I might be able to come to a conclusion about what I, personally, think I can do, at least for now.

Sorry about the crap post today, but tomorrow will be better.  I promise.