In my life prior to now, I've generally gone through phases of escalating work, followed by catastrophic collapse into depression for weeks or months, until I start working again.  It seems a bit like burnout, but I never really actually burn out.  What always seems to happen is, after achieving some large goal, I decide I need to take a rest in order to avoid burning out.  And that's when things always seem to go wrong. I'm tired, right now.  I've been tired for days.  But this isn't an unfamiliar feeling.  It comes near the middle of every major project, and it comes at the end, too.  But what usually happens is that I don't have anything to do to work through it.  Instead, I just end up stopping.

I don't want to do that this time.  I'm only a handful of days away from the end of my bet, when I won't be obligated to blog anymore, I'll be finished with my book (for now), and by then The Book should be finished, too.  I'll have school, but that's never really been enough.

So, I don't intend to stop.

First thing's first:  I'm re-upping my blogging vow, right now, for another three months.  June 12th is my new deadline.

On top of that, once I've finished typing up the book I'm working on, finished The Book, and sent in some agent queries, I'm starting my next book.  I feel like I need to get started on it soon, anyway, because it's been eating away at my brain for months.

Talk to you tomorrow.