Remember what I said yesterday about sleep?

I woke up at midnight; about 12am today.  So, I've been awake for about 20 hours, and I'm tired.  I've been pretty tired generally lately, but I wanted to struggle through until I made it around to a relatively normal time to go to sleep. The upside of this was I had a lot of free time to do with what I wished.  The downside to that free time was that I've been exhausted all day.  I have tried three times to seriously consider the film Pulp Fiction, but it's just not coming together.  So my Philosophy through Film post is going to have to wait until tomorrow.  Teasers:  I'm going to revisit my theory from two years ago that it follows Kantian morality, if the presumed universal law allows for violence, and explore crime as a detrimental label for a variety of variously harmful activities.

In other news, I finished season 7 of the Office about 10 minutes ago, and I'm looking forward to finding out who they ultimately hire.  (I think that's sufficiently vague to not qualify as a spoiler.)

Sorry my blogging hasn't been great the last few days/weeks/forever, depending on your qualitative judgement of my work.  If you think the past few days have been the best I've ever done, let me know so I can consider whether to pursue different styles.  Or sleep less.

I'm going to go lie down, possibly for several hours.  During this time, I may become paralyzed and begin to hallucinate.  Do not be alarmed.