Sleep is really important.   I know that, because I haven't had any for about 24 hours, and it's seriously affecting my ability to think coherently.  But I promised you a Srs Bsns blog post, so today's will be about sleep. I think sleep is serious business for two major reasons:

1.  It's important for health.

Mental stability, physical health, weight control and healthy social lives all rely heavily on a healthy, consistent sleep schedule.  Of course, deficiencies in any of these areas can contribute to disrupting your sleep cycles, so, especially for depressed people like me, sleep disturbances are often part of a vicious cycle (a phrase which I hate but grudgingly use because it is, annoyingly, the best phrase for the meaning it conveys).

2.  It's effing interesting.

Sleep is, as of my most recent reading on the subject, some time around 2005, very poorly understood.  I mean, we do know a lot.  But we don't know anywhere near as much about sleep as we do about most other bodily functions, and I think that has a lot to do with the fact that there are very few sleep-related phenomena not related to the brain.

So, there's sleep paralysis.  That's when your whole body from the neck down stops working, because otherwise you'd be flailing around in your dreams and in real life.

Dreams are really pretty cool.  Some people think they're kind of magic, which they're not, but they are, (according to me, and without any scientific consensus I'm aware of although I am pretty sure this is still a fairly open topic,) useful gateways into learning about your own thought process.

The problem I think interpreting dreams has is that they could only realistically reinforce the narratives you already build your life around.  You might, maybe, have a dream that subverts your expectations within that narrative.  But you don't dream in terms of the stories other people tell themselves about their own lives.  So while dreaming can be useful, especially if you're conscious of the meta-analysis, for understanding yourself, it's a terrible tool for understanding other people.  Your dreams do not impart secret wisdom about your boy/girlfriend's fidelity.  Only your own insecurity.

Anyway, I yawned three times in that paragraph, so I'm going to go and have some sleep. TTY Tomorrow!  <3 (I feel like this is the blogging equivalent of drunk-texting.)