Cool business card idea

I like business cards.  It's nice to have an easy, neat way to pass along information about myself.  But they can be difficult, because it's hard to decide what cross-section of information I want to provide.  Like, my current business cards have my pen name, website email, and blog listed.  My last ones had my personal email, legal name, and phone number. I've thought about having blank business cards, but that seems just a little bit difficult to manage.  Still, keeping as little information as possible, and using them as a vehicle for adding new content and a mechanism for facilitating communication, seems like a good idea.

Stuff like this is why I love Boing Boing, where Dean Putney posted about his business cards:  they feature a smiley, and he asks people to complete the picture.

This one's my favorite:

My smiley face business card party game — — Readability

Here's the full article:  My smiley face business card party game —