Existential energy burst!

So, I have a superpower.  Well, not really.  It's more like a lifelong undertone of mild self-loathing. But whatever. Anyway, I generally find it very difficult to get motivated about things.  Most of the time, the only reason I ever get around to anything is because I have a deadline.  That's why I make stupid bets and start massive, demanding projects. It's also one of the things I like best about school, and I like least about so-called "real life," which seems to be defined almost exclusively by the refusal of people who claim to be a part of it to tell you what's expected of you.  (And who then get really snotty at you if you fail to meet those expectations, but that's a different conversation.)

Sometimes, though, I manage to find the energy to compel myself to actually do things elsewhere -- I'm always really introspective, often very existential, and that occasionally has this delightful side-effect where I get a sudden, immediate sense of the smallness of the scope of my life, the looming oblivion I face, and premature lamentation of all the time I'll ever have wasted.

I find this very invigorating.  It's what got me out of bed this morning, and is usually the reason I start those stupid bets and big projects.

So, that's my tip for the day.  Feeling unmotivated?  Consider oblivion, react by desperately grasping towards existential relevance.