I feel like doing something weird

Just getting some braincrack out so it doesn't eat my brain; I may or may not actually do this. Reasoning

Since I'm in a fairly editing-heavy portion of my novel, I feel like my creative psychological resources are being a bit underused.  But I'd rather do something light, that's a bit more like practice than like an actual, publishable project.  Hopefully, it'll be fun and something people want to check out.  Worst case, it'll suck, and then when I'm super famous there will be work available to explore my process #italicsforsarcasm #tellmyselfwhateverIneedtohear #ignoringtheFutilityofBeing


I was thinking of doing a sort of study in symbolism, by writing a blog style series with really, really blatant symbolism.  Like, it would start with a dude in a hat explaining to the cast that they're in a story, it's super symbolic, and for example the hat represents that he works for the author.  I like the idea of a bunch of characters knowingly interacting with an inherently symbolic environment, while conscious of the fact that there's a narrator who knows everything they're doing or thinking.  (I'm not sure if I want to do 3rd person omniscient, so they all always know that anything they think could be being revealed, and therefore made manifest in the symbolic fabric of the text, or 3rd person limited, so they can try to hide behind someone else's viewpoint when they think or act.  Or maybe some other perspective.)


I might start doing this later tonight, if I feel like I have the energy -- in which case, I'll be setting up a sub-blog on this blog, writing a follow-up post here to link to it, writing out the rules and starting parameters on the new blog, and putting up the first installment.  If not, I might start it in the next few days, and if not then, probably never.  No matter what I do, I lay no claim at all over this idea (not that I could, anyway) and would love to see my friends/readers try it out as well.  It could be fun.