Youtube failure and stuff

Oh, yeah.  I'm great at this commitment to content creation thing.  After declaring that I was doing a month of twice-a-week videos, almost everything about my video production process stopped working correctly. This is frustrating, and I still want to make videos but I think I need to take some time to work things out and getting it back together before I start again, so my effort to blog twice a week into March is hereby cancelled.

I've also been arting more lately, and have a few ideas for comics -- so, I intend to try and start updating Bathetic again soon.  Sorry for the relatively short post today, and for the fact that my relatively short post is all about the fact that I'm cutting back on other content, too.  Maybe I'll write a long post about the developing themes and symbolism in my novel in the middle of the night.

If not, talk to you tomorrow, about the movie One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest.