Brain crack redux

I wrote a few days ago about Ze Frank's concept, brain crack, and about how I intend to try to get ideas out of my head faster than I've done in the past.  In the video, he says he's afraid of running out of ideas every day, because he never leaves ideas kicking around in his head. I've only been pushing myself to keep up with Ze Frank's style of idea movement for a few days, and I've already run up against this wall.  It's not completely unfamiliar territory, but it's the first time I've been paying close attention to it -- and it is a scary place to be in, feeling like ideas just aren't coming.  There doesn't seem to be anything waiting in the wings.

On the other hand, I've actually put up a second YouTube video, started the Manifesto Club (link in the sidebar) and learned how to set up subdomains under my domain name, which will be useful for future brain crack.

I think it's probably not true that I'm never going to have another good idea.  I think I'm probably going to be fine in a couple of days, even though right now it feels like I might be edging towards the precipice of an eternity of boredom and banality.

Talk to you tomorrow.